a glimpse at An Bang
Located on Cam Pha district, just 3 kilometers from Hoi An’s UNESCO World Heritage centre and more 22 kilometers from Da Nang centre, a travel hotspot in this year makes the tourist can’t skip, An Bang Beach is promised is an ideal destination to choose with Hoi An holiday packages. A place has the beautiful beach, crystal water and white sandbank, An Bang Beach don’t too crowd and has barely space making any visitors also feel the tranquility to surprise from the sea brings to.

a glimpse at An Bang

a glimpse at An Bang

Straying between the unknown streets in the An Bang

When stepping down Da Nang International Airport and spending about 30 minutes by motorbike to get An Bang Beach, tourists will drive on the beautiful roads across the seashore where was the small fishing village. Running on the long path in a nice sunshine afternoon, no one can resist the fascinating beach view in the front, also admire the day-by-day development of a coastal city of Central Vietnam together the luxury and international level resorts have been built.

View An Bang from above

View An Bang from above

From the coastal road, continue to go ahead Lac Long Quan Street, to cross- road then turn left into Hai Ba Trung Street, go to the end of this road is An Bang Beach. Nearby An Bang Beach, there is a small alley in the right, turn into it and find out a bar/ coffee named Surf Bar.

Surf Bar looks small outside and decorated same the old vintage European architecture. Running on the narrow unknown street, feeling like to stray into a small alley between Europe, two sides both bicycle and electric bicycle, only has one or two motorbikes. A small path, only is a footpath for travelers basically, between is square stones which arranged follow a long straight line to the end of road, two side is white sandback bringing the sea taste. See more at: Best Indochina tours.

Enjoying a peaceful sunset in An Bang

A few years ago, when choosing the Hoi An tours, Cua Dai Beach always a perfect destination located far away from Hoi An City centre with the bright sun road like the painting, tightly crowded people to see the sunset and always has fragrant smell of grilled- fish, steamed squid smell,… But lately years, An Bang Beach is becoming more and more famous, which mentioned as one of the best beautiful beaches and brings a lot of feelings of tranquility.

sunset in An Bang beach

sunset in An Bang beach

Visitors come to An Bang move by bicycle primarily to see the full of gorgeous sceneries from the coastal road to the store roadside. After driving the bicycle on the long road, setting foot on the white sandback and stepping down the sea, the soul is really overwhelmed by what things are spreading out in front of the eyes. Wide beach, blue sky and water sea like the generous pen strokes painted on the large canvas. Endless seashore likes an ivory silk strip and the tourist will dip in its spectacular ocean scenery.

An Bang still has the seafood restaurants serving 24/7 all days in the week and when visitors only go jogging through this places will have someone run invite with the attractive vouchers. However, there are 3 ideal places that travelers advised drop by as:

  1. The Deck House Restaurant & Bar

This is a brand new restaurant located next to the sea, charming the visitor with two-tone white and blue super cool eyes together with the exquisite arrangement. The generous style shows from tropical trees such as coconut, palm leaf, water earthenwares until sea and sand, all things create a comfortable feeling making visitors lost all track of time. This restaurant isn’t only attractive to the Vietnamese traveler but also the foreigner. Coming to An Bang, visitors can enjoy the cool beach space, the sunbathe or only be discovered food taste, special drink of An Bang.

Do not just judge a man by his looks when the Deck House Restaurant & Bar of food price is pretty moderate. The drink price fluctuates from 50,000VND to 70,000VND, and about 65,000VND per a cake cooked by the chief in person. The food price will be about 80,000VND to 150,000VND per a dish.

  1. Soul Kitchen

Taking the idea from the Western Bar with bean bag spreading out on white sand and chairs, colour pillows, wooden single beds cushioned together pillows creating sunbathe lounger chairs on the beach… Be sure that all travelers when choosing this destination to relax will have the interesting experience in the life.

The restaurant is famous about BBQ among especially having grilled fish in banana leaf be liked. Trying a fruit cocktail, mocktail or others and listening to the live music in the evening, it is really deserved to try once in life. However, the price in there is high against other restaurants from 100,000VND to 200,000VND per a snack.

  1. The Hmong Sisters

The Hmong Sisters located near An Bang Beach decorated combine restaurant and bar desk with a little bit small space but arranging logically makes visitors feel absolutely mellow out. An interesting point helps this restaurant becoming attractive in the tourist’s eye is the varied and creative drinks bringing the unforgettable taste.

The collection of food between the Western style and the Vietnamese style also is evaluated positively with the reasonable price.

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