Chao long in Vietnam
“Anyone coming to Vietnam are overwhelmed by the unique cuisine”, is it an exaggerate statement? Let your experience be the honest answer. Food is the heart of Vietnamese culture, which is can be found nowhere else. The special dishes contribute to spread the image of Vietnam far and wide. If you have never tried the three following dishes, it means you have never been to Vietnam. Let’s travel with: shampoo cruise mekong

Vietnamese cuisine is unique

Vietnamese cuisine is unique- source: internet

  1. Chao long (Vietnamese Pork Organs Rice Congee)


What is the most important word to describe Vietnamese Food? It’s economical. Nothing goes to waste once it lands in a Vietnamese kitchen. From bones to meat and blood, each and every part of an animal is put to good culinary use. Pig’s odds and ends are turned into soothing and hearty rice porridge in the very Vietnam dish – Chao long.

Chao long is one of the most popular Vietnamese street foods. You can easily have a bowl of Chao long in every corner of this country. It’s so great for any visitor coming to Vietnam to enjoy an amazing food which is cooked from pork organs. If you have never eaten this dish, you may find it a bit stinky but don’t be scared because it’s incredibly delicious.

The base of Chao long is well-cooked rice in flavorful broth, thrown in cubes of congealed blood. When customers order, the porridge and congealed blood are added into a bowl with various forcemeats and slices of liver sitting in the bottom. This dish is all about those flavors combined with the textures of the offal. Liver is soft and spongy but cheeks are very chewy. Many foreigners will be turned off by the thought of the high price of this dish, but for only one dollar, a bowl you can have an adventure in this special food. Chao long is not the most aesthetical dish, but its flavors are wonderful.

Chao long in Vietnam

Chao long in Vietnam -source: internet

  1. Bun dau mam tom

When discovering the street food culture of Vietnam, you can’t forget to mention “Bun dau mam tom” – noodles with tofu and shrimp paste. tripadvisor mekong river cruises

Shrimp paste or “mam tom” is popular in many country of Asia including Vietnam. Though “mam tom” is notorious for its strong smell and listed in the worst-smelling foods in Asian cuisine, someone who gives it a chance will surely fall head over heel with it. Therefore, don’t hesitate trying it once. Besides, to Western foreigners, shrimp paste may smell like a rotten animal, but to many local people, it is an aroma that makes they feel mouth-watering when thinking about it.

“Bun dau mam tom” is very simple, just includes rice noodles, fried tofu and shrimp paste. Rice noodles are like cookies cut into pieces. The tofu must be made deep fried before being served. The special thing of the dish is the sauce. Shrimp paste is mixed with sugar, limes boiling oil then stir well until it becomes foaming, which makes you impressed at the first try. After two or three times, you will surely feel pity for the ones who refuse to try local food.

Bun dau mam tom

Bun dau mam tom -source: internet

  1. Banh cuon (Steamed Rice Pancake Rolls)


“Banh cuon” is made from rice starch and maybe grinded pork. It is eaten with a dipping sauce and usually served with Vietnamese pork sausage.

“Banh cuon” is unique for its extremely thin and delicate crepe and the cook must be skillful and patient. Making “banh cuon” is a very skillful process and also time consuming but it is worth it. It has a wonderful flavor combination of soft rice noodle and nice bean sprout salad, dip into a yummy dipping sauce, which is perfect for any meal.

The bottom of the crepe is smooth and oily but the top part of the crepe is bubbly. The combination of textures from the smooth chewiness of the rice crepes, the crunchy fried onions is the best thing ever.

The most famous version of this cake is Banh Cuon Thanh Tri in Hanoi. It is made with thin sheet of steamed rice, rolled with minced pork and mushroom, Vietnamese Pork sausage and elegant fish sauce.

If Korea is famous for gimbap, Japan is famous for sushi, Vietnam is well-known for this amazing food.

Banh cuon

Banh cuon -source: internet

Food always plays a large part of the culture in any country. There is no better way to discover the culture of Vietnam than enjoying some special dishes with the locals. By this way, you can touch the tradition of Laos in a natural way and fall in love with this lovely country.

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