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Vietnam by seaplane and train

Hai Au Aviation

Even though, travelling is now becoming much easier than ever before: all you need is fare for a taxi or a plane ticket, in that, where is the fun? For anyone who really wants to try travelling in a completely unique and exciting way to tour seducing Vietnam, don’t hesitate to experience seaplane in Halong Bay and train journey in Sapa. Vietnam travel tours

Private Seaplane – Halong Bay

Halong Bay Seaplane Tour

Halong Bay Seaplane Tour -source: internet

A private plane, which is ready to whisk you off to spectacular Halong Bay for a relaxing cruise of this ancient and exceptionally mysterious natural wonder, is waiting for you. Along the way, you can definitely get an outstanding aerial view of sprawling Hanoi capital city, the lush evergreen countryside before finally flying over the picturesque “Bay of Descending Dragons” and gracefully landing right next to your luxury junk cruise ship.

When it comes to the symbolic image of adventure, there is no means of transport can be compared with the seaplane and when it comes to the iconic image of oriental mystique, no experience can be as good as sailing a junk around the exotic karst islands of charming Halong Bay. After spending a few days of admiring the breathtaking scenery, leisurely lounging on the sundeck, exploring caves and kayaking, you will have your plane pick up and fly you off into the sunset and safely land back in Hanoi.

Hai Au Aviation

Hai Au Aviation -source: internet

 Operated since 2011, Hai Au Aviation, which has been offering one of the best seaplane adventures in Vietnam and Indochina, with the intention of whisking guests to exotic destinations in the blink of an eye, showcasing the beauty of the region from the bird’s eye view as well as offering the thrill of flying from low altitude, is what you should experience. It is absolutely possible for travelers conveniently fly directly straight to Halong Bay from Noi Bai International Airport and back.

Luxury Train Carriage – Sapa

Victoria Express

Victoria Express -source: internet

With travelling experience in a wood-paneled cabin, like a precious jewellery box, drifting past scenes of soothing pastoral simplicity, the Victoria Express offers unmatched comfort and luxury. With the magnificent emerald and gold rice fields, flooded paddies glistening like mother of pearl; train in Sapa seems the best way to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and history of Northern Vietnam. south Vietnam travel packages

The luxury train to Sapa will take you back in time, to an era of charm, elegance and romance. Sapa, which was originally a market town used by the local Tay, Yao and Hmong ethnic minorities, developed as a French outpost in the late 1880s. Thanks to its mild climate, this town has quickly become a quaint little French-style town, and by the 1930s, a beautiful stone church together with several private villas had been built.

Vietnam by train

Vietnam by train -source: internet

Although the train journey from Hanoi to Sapa has always been the most rigorous and inconvenient part of travelling in Northern Vietnam for many travelers, this is no longer the case with the service of Victoria Express. Instead, the train journey now becomes not only an integral part of the experience but also an amazing chance to delve into in the luxurious style and extravagance of a bygone era.

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