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Viet Nam – a joyful destination in the summer

The floating market in the South Vietnam

Summer is coming soon. It’s the perfect time if you are going to visit Vietnam for your vacation. Vietnam has been known as a beautiful country with a lot of wonderful landscapes and seascapes, paddy fields, and the variety of foods. This is really a joyful destination for foreigners to join in. For more information: phnom penh to saigon by boat.

Northern region is one of the three regions of Vietnam and concentrate most of the ethnic groups living here so with unique culture tradition. Located in a higher location therefore most of them have a cooler and more pleasant weather condition. Sapa is a town i would like to recommend you when you tend to visit here. Sapa is a foggy town in the northwest of Vietnam, about for over 300km from Hanoi. Nowadays, visitors can travel Sapa easier by Hanoi – Lao Cai Highway or go faster by private car. If you want to experience the feeling of traveling by one of the traditional ways, let’s take a train. In summer, Sapa weather is portrayed by cool and fresh atmosphere. You will feel a beautiful Sapa town and four seasons in a day with a lot of moutains surrounded by clouds. In the morning,the fogs come down the town so you should bring your coat and scraft but these should lift by midday. Joining the local market is also a unique experience. Let’s talk with local people, you’re gonna surprised since they can speak the foreign languages very well. After that, let’s find out more about the living style here by trying to bargain, taste some local foods or buy some products made by hand as the gifts when coming back. If you’re an active person, the northen region of Vietnam is the best choice for trekking or climbing the moutains.

The magical charm in the Northern Region of Vietnam

The magical charm in the Northern Region of Vietnam- source: internet

If you like swimming and some action in the water, traveling Halong Bay will bring unforgettable memories to you. Coming to Halong Bay in summer, you can easily explore magical islands and beaches. Diving on the ocean bottom, sunbathing under the sunlights, becoming a fisherman with local farmers are some attractive activities here.Some natural landscapes as Thien Cung Cave, Fighting Cocks Islet, and Tuan Chau Island will make your holidays in Vietnam more exciting and meaningful. Dragon Pearl Junk halong

The last destination in the northern region journey should be Hanoi. The ancient beauty of more than 1000 years history combined with mordemn charm attract many visitors.If you’re foreigner, i’m sure that driving by motorbike, finding out some famous historical places, trying street foods, having ice tea in the pavement, experiencing the night market will give you a new look and wonderful perspective.

 Enjoying the wonderful time in Halong Bay with your family

Enjoying the wonderful time in Halong Bay with your family- source: internet

After traveling to the northern Vietnam, visitors may want to have more experiences and discover new lands. Let’s enjoy beautiful landscapes, which helps visitors relax in some destinations in central region. The weather in the central might be higher than the North, so visitors tend to go to beaches and eat seafoods for their vacation.In Central Vietnam, many fascinating destinations attract plenty of visitors such as Thanh Hoa, Hue, Danang. Beside going for a walk along the seashore and enjoying the taste of sea in Thanh Hoa and Danang, you have chances to discover a unique cultural space of Hue nearby Perfume River, and to take a boat tour on Perfume River to take part in the beautiful Hue traditional folk songs performance. The foods in the central region is a thing you can not missed. They are called foody heaven with a lot of delicious cuisines that are cooked by special ingredients and unique way. Moreover, if you have chance to find out about Vietnam in the internet previously, you can see Danang is the most worth-living city in Vietnam. Hoian Ancient Town and Ba Na Hill are the perfect choices if you want to find out about the living style of local people and try local foods.

The beauty of Hoian at night

The beauty of Hoian at night- source: internet

Don’t leave without visiting the Mekong Delta located the South in Vietnam, one of Vietnam’s most interesting regions in summer. One of the most special sights are the floating markets and associated river life. Floating market is open all day but it is busiest from sunrise to about 9am. Each boat is loaded with plenty of seasonal goods especialy in summer. The main items sold there are farm products with the summer fruits such as mango, bananas, papaya, pineapple, water melon…even cigarettes. Beside, some small boats sell beer, local wine and soft drinks to serve market-goers and visitors. Activities at the market are also an occasion for tourists to study the cultural aspects of southerners. On the way to Can Tho, visitors can stop to visit My Tho and take a boat trip to visit fruit garden, bee farms and try coconut candy in Ben Tre. Many have agreed that visiting floating markets is among the can-not-miss experience in Southern Vietnam in summer.

The floating market in the South Vietnam

The floating market in the South Vietnam- source: internet

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