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Unforgettable memory with Prince Junk

Ba Cua Beach

Prince Junk – the best choice for family trip

Designed with sophistication and a meticulous attention to every detail, Prince Junks should be the best choice for families, small groups, honeymooners or couples. The small scale of Prince Junk is not a disadvantage but makes it much more intimate and easier for you to have private moments. With warm hospitality and services offered by professional crew, a trip admiring the breathtaking Bay in your eyes with Prince Junk will not make you disappointed. Travel to with: Halong bay Pelican cruise

What activities to expect?

Prince Junk

Prince Junk- source: internet

  • Swimming, sunbathe
  • Kayaking
  • Paddle around Cap La and Tra San by kayak
  • BBQ party on beach

Places to visit with Prince Junk

Vung Vieng floating village

Vung Vieng floating village

Vung Vieng floating village- source: internet

Vung Vieng is the less touristy among 4 fishing villages Vung Vieng, Ba Hang, Cua Van and Cap La in the World Heritage site and is suitable for those who want to deep in local life. Here, these fishermen families have lived for generations without structures built on land. With the traditional income solely from fishing for food and potable water (imported from the mainland), people stay a poor but happy life. halong Dragon Pearl Junk

Going to Vung Vieng with Prince Junk, you will have a chance to observe the villagers’ daily activities as well as their traditional customs and culture. In addition to watching friendly and smiley fishermen skillfully catching fish by nets, you will also meet the rambunctious children going to school. Livening up the atmosphere of this quiet bay are their bustling calling and their flopping rowing.

If you want to take part in the fishing village festival with many exciting activities varying from swimming competition, boat handling competition, folk song singing contest to culinary competition, let’s plan to arrive at Vung Vieng during the annual Halong Tourism Week!

Yen Duc Village

Yen Duc Village

Yen Duc Village- source: internet

Yen Duc village in Dong Trieu town of Quang Ninh province is where you will be immersed in real local lives; enjoy performance of Vietnamese folk music styles called Quan Ho, Cheo; listen to the villagers’ stories about their village and life and have a better understanding of Vietnamese culture entirely different from crowded cities and other tourist attractions. Beautiful memories you will have in Yen Duc Village will make you remember an interesting trip here for such a long time.

Bai Tu Long Bay and Ba Cua Beach

Rich with geological splendor, Bai Tu Long Bay, which is part of the famous Halong Bay UNESCO World Heritage Site, is where you can cruise for hours without spotting another tourist boat. If you do not want to be stuck in tourist crowd in Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay is a perfect alternative. Bai Tu Long has as impressive geology as Halong Bay but what makes this bay different is its protected status prohibiting boats from anchoring overnight.

Ba Cua Beach

Ba Cua Beach- source: internet

Among a hundred of islets in Bai Tu Long Bay, Ba Cua, which offers cool water beach and a stunning sightseeing opportunity, has become a must-visit islet that no one should miss in Bai Tu Long Bay. Coming here, you will be awarded with the spectacular panoramic view of the wonderful natural wonder of Bai Tu Long Bay. In addition to admiring the fabulous scenery, you can also lie on the deckchair to immerse into the unique ocean’s smell and sound while enjoying fresh coconut milk!

Like other islets, Ba Cua is home to only few people and the inhabitants, who are mostly seasonal travelers. No matter how long their cruise trip is, taking kayak to explore nearby islets and Bo Hung Island is on top of the activity list. Prince Junk is one of the best cruise boats to offer off-the-beaten- path running through this beach.

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