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Tips for driving in Saigon

Traffic in Saigon

The best way to travel Saigon is motorbike. It is easy to catch a taxi or the taxi around, it’s even cooler to drive yourself. Fortunately, if you want to walk around Pham Ngu Lao street, you can find a shop that will rent a bike, but stores seldom give you instructions on how to drive vehicles.

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In Saigon, Rent a bicycle is easy, but driving through city traffic is not easy. So, if you were to hire a motorcycle, there is a way, there is a hint that helps you from a point A to point B.

Traffic in Saigon

Traffic in Saigon- source: internet

Turning left, where you can cross the lanes of oncoming traffic, is the thing that some people struggle to grasp in their mind. It may seem impossible to imagine, as there are few signals that turn up in the city, mainly because it requires you to enter from the lane next to the motorcycle to the airport/bus lanes to the left and then the join venture traffic. Although it can seem scary, and a little bit dangerous, once you overcome the psychological barriers, you will see that the left turn is easy and interesting.

The first thing to remember is that a similar turn left to cross the road. To pass the streets of Saigon, you simply step on the road and most of the drivers will stop or spleen around you; This is similar to turning left, while if you go early with slow and steady speed, oncoming traffic will break around you. Just remember that little street in Saigon guide traffic laws and more realistic by the laws of nature; if something bigger, you may not want to stop. In this way, most of motorcycles and taxis will tend to avoid you, you should be careful before you cross the street with a city bus. cruise mekong


use motorbike in Saigon

use motorbike in Saigon- source: internet

Driving while trying to group together and move in “pack”  in Saigon who said traffic would be like water, they are absolutely right. You want to stay, “the river”. If there is a group of people to turn left, participate in this group.

It still could be headaches, even for the seasoned veteran driver, jumping into oncoming traffic, so there are ways to make things a little safer. A common tactic is to use a traffic block. This can be done in several ways. First, you can join a motorcycle pack back together. In this way, all the motor work together to make themselves a larger audience when crossing. Another way to turn is to cooperate with a spinning car. Since many things will stop for a car than a bike, you can just wheel himself up next to the driver’s side of the car and use it as a shield to deflect traffic.

Motorcycles participating in Saigon traffic

Motorcycles participating in Saigon traffic- source: internet

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