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Taking a train in Vietnam

Regular train in Vietnam
Vietnam is a country that has developed the railroad system for a long period of time. Previously, when airplane was still not popular for people, traveling by train was an ideal means of transport with its safety and affordable price. Nowadays, although traveling on airplane becomes common, train is still a transportation that people like. For a foreigner who comes to Vietnam for the first time, taking the train to travel around country is a great choice for sightseeing and relaxing. These are some notes that you should know when you want to take a train when Indochina Travel Vietnam.

Traveling by train- a good way to discover Vietnam

Traveling by train- a good way to discover Vietnam- source: internet

Mail railroad lines in Vietnam

Vietnamese railroad is about 2.600 km in length. If tourists want to try traveling by train to get around the country, you can refers these main railroad routes to know where you can take a train to travel.

  • Hanoi- Ho Chi Minh (1.726 km in length)
  • Hanoi- Hai Phong
  • Hanoi- Quan Trieu
  • Hanoi- Dong Dang
  • Kep- Uong Bi- Ha Long
  • Kep- Luu Xa


There are two main classes of train: regular class and luxury class. Normally, people take regular train for traveling and it also the common type of train in Vietnam.

Regular train in Vietnam

Regular train in Vietnam- source: internet

From time to time, to meet the higher demand of people, luxury train has been invented for more convenient and comfortable traveling in a long way. There are some routes that provide this kind of luxury train:

  • Hanoi- Sapa: Sapaly Train.

This is an express train which provides high- standard services with soft sleepers, air-con and wooden cabins. There are two types of cabin: two berth and four berth cabins. In each cabin, there are reading lights, luggage storage, flower, fresh water  and paper towel for free. It also provides a tool and table with cold, hot water and snack on the carriage. The price of two berth cabins is 3.000.000 VND/ cabin, the four berth one is 750.000 VND/ ticket. Mekong boat tours

Sapaly train- Hanoi- Lao Cai line

Sapaly train- Hanoi- Lao Cai line- source: internet

  • SE3/4: 5* train Hanoi- SaiGon

This is the first 5* train in Vietnam which was invested 83 billions VND to upgrade its standard. A good point is that despite its good services, the ticket prices are the same with regular train.

  • Soft seat with air-con: 1.200.000 VND
Soft-seat with air conditioner

Soft-seat with air conditioner -source: internet


Traveling by train in Vietnam is a great experience, however, you should know some tips to ensure your comfortability and safety.


There are some main types of seats: hard seats, soft seats, bed- with or without air-conditioner. Depending on your budget and the length of your journey, you can choose the suitable seat.


It is a good to bring a tidy luggage and make sure that you can keep an eye on yours. Important items should be kept along with you, and be alert with the thief. Before get off the train, check all your luggages to ensure that you do not forget anything.


There is no food served in cheap trains or short-route trains. With long journey, you can go to the train’s kitchen or stations to buy food. If possible, you can also prepare food by yourself.

I hope that the information and some tips above are useful to you. Taking a train in Vietnam is a memorable experience and do not miss a chance to discover it when you come to Vietnam.

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