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How to get to Cu Chi Tunnels

Bus in Ho Chi Minh city,

Cu Chi tunnels also known as “Iron Land of Vietnam” is the 250-km- underground network constructed in 1947, serving as a secret hiding place for local people and supplying weapons, facilities, field hospitals and traps in Vietnam-American/French war. With the unique construction and technique, Cu Chi tunnels were firmly standing against bombings during the war

Reasons why foreign tourists love traveling Vietnam

Beautiful natural landscape in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country in the Indochinese Peninsula. Many recent years, the number of foreign tourists comes to this nation has rose dramatically. In particular, in 2016, this number was more than 10 million tourists coming to visit. It is much higher than that of the year before. This statistic demonstrates that Vietnam’s tourism has

The most popular vegetables in Vietnam


Unlike European, Vietnam, which is famous as a paradise of delicious dishes, is where people prefer to enjoy vegetable rather than meat. When visiting boat ho chi minh to phnom penh in Vietnam,  do not consult a list of popular vegetable in Vietnam for tourists.Water spinach- morning glory (Rau Muong) Since the veggie does not

Best cities in Vietnam to visit

Nha Trang beach seen from above

Vietnam is a beautiful country which is located in the Indochinese Peninsula. This country has changed with very fast speed which is compared with the light speed. After the wars, Vietnam has developed strongly, which is appreciated by many experts. The followings are some best cities in this country which you can choose as your