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Explore the pepper garden in Phu Quoc

Closer look at pepper in Phu Quoc

Most of the pepper garden owners here are Hai Nam people who have been traveling to Phu Quoc along merchant ships. Today, pepper is not only a tourist attraction, but also brings a great economic value, one kilogram of dried pepper is worth 6.7 times a kilo of coffee. However, pepper is not easy to

Things to do in Phu Quoc night market

Fresh seafood is grilled right when you pick

Phu Quoc night market consists of two different areas. At the end of the market are souvenir stands, handicrafts, cosmetics, jewelry and especially Phu Quoc pearls. Beside that, there is no shortage of specialty products of  Phu Quoc island such as fish sauce, pepper, sim wine, dried seafood …Jasmine cruise halong bay At the end