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Old Quarter – what still remains of an Ancient Hanoi

The typical architecture of Hanoi ancient houses

Though being the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is not all about modernity. If a comparison must be made between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, 2 biggest and busiest cities, Hanoi wins the special place in my heart. The city where I was born has a speechless charm that is shown through every corner of

What to expect about Hanoi Walking Tours

Hanoi walking tour

Hanoi’s Old Quarter on foot is the best way to really experience this tourist site. From the hidden beauty of Hanoi capital, which is all about unlocking the secrets of this city to the best street eats from markets, food carts, street cafes and Hanoi’s cityscape, local legends, local life, religion, everything is waiting for

Bia Hoi – Unique Street Drink in Hanoi

Ta Hien Street is crowded with young people on weekends

Street culture of Vietnam is unlike anywhere in the world and Bia Hoi is just one typical example of this comment. Visiting Vietnam, many foreigners often wonder why Hanoi people love Bia Hoi so much. Bia Hoi has become popular, familiar to every class of people. Indochina tours Vietnam Bia Hoi is produced in short

Hanoi – a city with unique things to do at night

ProfesProfessional puppeteerssional puppeteers

Even though Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam might be not well known for its exciting nightlife, when it comes to Hanoi nightlife, there are still some interesting spots worth checking out. Admittedly, unlike any other city in Southeast Asia and even in the whole world, Hanoi is a city with unique things to

Cheap flights from Danang to Hanoi

Flight from Danang to Hanoi

Not only to domestic tourists, Hanoi capital city, is also a favorite destination to international travelers. Let’s research well on how to book cheap flights from Danang to get the safe flights at reasonable price if you and your family want to visit Hanoi from Danang. Indochina travel Laos Information about the flights to Hanoi