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How to rent a car in Hanoi

It is recommended to rent car with driver

Being the the capital of Vietnam since the 11th century dazzles travelers with its peaceful lakes, tree-lined boulevards, unique blend of oriental lifestyle and French colonial architecture.Travelers can rent car for their sort business trips such as special events, opening ceremony, Marketing research, Road show, business meetings and exhibition fair or just visit your customer, friends and partners in the city center, industrial park as well as some other provinces. to get more information about Hanoi,  you can click: Travel Indochina Vietnam

It is not difficult to hire a car in Hanoi

It is not difficult to hire a car in Hanoi -source: internet

Also, it is possible to rent cars with a driver for sightseeing tour in Hanoi to visit some of the famous spots such as: the One Pillar Pagoda, Buddhist Tran Quoc Pagoda, the Literature Temple and Quoc Tu Giam, Quan Thanh Temple, Ethnology Museum, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Museum, Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son Temple, etc.

In Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular, it is not difficult to rent a car. Your passport and driving license are all necessary required papers.

Normally, if you do not have a Vietnamese driving one, these car rental agencies in Vietnam will ask you for international driving licenses. However, don’t worry as your native driving licenses in common languages such as English, French might also be accepted. These licenses will be copied and these agencies will keep it for reference. After signing the rental contract, you might be required to pay some money as deposit by the agencies. This could be an exact pre-determined amount in cash or half to all of the total cost of the contract.

How to rent a car in Hanoi

How to rent a car in Hanoi -source: internet

thing worth remembering is that when being in a car, you will be a lot more protected than being on a motorbike. However, it does not mean that the crazy drivers, the traffic jams, the potholes and the accidents do not influence you. Of course, no one wants to be involved in an accident in the middle of nowhere. cruise Mekong

If you are still fixed on the idea of renting a car in Vietnam after having read this, you are likely to struggle to find a company to make your dream come true. Nevertheless, if you are not confident in your driving skill or not accustomed to chaotic traffic system in Vietnam, it is not highly recommended to rent a car without a driver. It is such a viable and interesting option to hire a car with a driver, which provides you with the comfort and freedom at its best for both short and long journeys. While not as interesting as driving your own motorbike, it is well worth considering especially for those who are in a couple or with a group and do not fancy public or tourist means of transportation.

It is recommended to rent car with driver

It is recommended to rent car with driver – source: internet

Actually, even though most travel agents in Hanoi are able to provide a car with driver, you have to book in advance and shop around: the prices will, as usual, dramatically vary. Also make sure to check that the price is all-inclusive: gasoline, parking fee, toll fee, all expense for driver and nasties like an extra charge per kilometer are not included.

In Hanoi – one of the biggest cities in Vietnam, where the demand for car rental car is quite significant, you will easily find car rental agencies. Hereunder are some rental car agencies in Hanoi for your reference:

Ami Tour

  • Address: No 43 Ngo Quyen, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Phone: (043) 0438332626 or 0904927888.
  • Website:

Bac A Company

  • Address: No 343 Doi Can, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
  • Phone: 0438383211 or 0988161626
Rent car for sightseeing tour

Rent car for sightseeing tour- source: internet

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