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Must-items for Sapa trekking trip

Trekking in Muong Hoa Valley

The charming town of Sapa is famous not only for its impressive natural scenery, nice weather all year round and friendly locals but also for easy trekking routes. To enjoy trekking, which is one of the most interesting activities in Sapa, you are advised to be well-prepared before beginning your journey. North Vietnam travel tours

For those who book a tour

Sapa trekking tour with a guide

Sapa trekking tour with a guide- source: internet

For those who are in a leisure trip where the travel agencies and tour guide take care of everything, their own personal stuff is all they need to pack. With the average temperature of around 13-15oC, Sapa is much colder in comparison to Hanoi and other tourism destinations in the Northern Vietnam. Consequently, some long sleeve shirts are must-items in summer while in winter, when Sapa may even experience snow, warm coats are what you need.

In hot season in Sapa, the temperature is high in the morning and in the afternoon making it easy to to get sunburn while in the evening, it gets much cooler. Therefore, a hat, suntan cream, umbrella, a change of clothes and insect repellant are what you need to take for a day and a jacket is indispensable item for a night. If you are not familiar with slopes and mountain pass in Vietnam, it is highly recommended to bring with you some motion sickness medicines as the road leading to Sapa from Lao Cai Station is quite bumpy, especially on rainy days.

For those who travel by themselves

Self-travelers should prepare food for lunch

Self-travelers should prepare food for lunch- source: internet

If you are planning to do a tour by yourself, you need to prepare for your lunch with some food such as snacks, bread and soft drink. When facing with a lot of treks in Sapa, which is home to eight different ethnic Vietnamese communities, one thing to consider is whether to have a homestay included. When getting to the village, you will easily find an eye-catching homestay, which is an overnight stay in local house likely to be the home of a Red Dao or Hmong family. You can go in and ask them whether they are pleased to provide you with good conditions for bathing and warm places for sleeping at night. Besides basic accommodation, food prepared by local people is also included in what you have to pay for. Indochina travel reviews

Must-items for your trekking trips

What to bring for trekking in Sapa

What to bring for trekking in Sapa- source: internet

Anyone who intends to join a trekking tour in Sapa has to pack many things inside their suitcases. Some of them are:

  • A suitable backpack to carry everything
  • Small money notes and change
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Hat, umbrella, raincoat and good shoes
  • Snacks, breads or sandwiches and canned food
  • Personal torch or a flashlight to go out at night
  • Small knives, which are convenient when you need to cut something
  • Camera with rechargeable or backup battery to take photos and record your trips
  • Some medicines for popular diseases such as fever, flu and diarrhea, etc.
  • Water: As you will sweat a lot when going trekking, you should take drinking water or buy it along the way to prevent dehydration and save you from thirst.
  • A book or a map of Sapa area to note the places that you already set your feet.

How to keep yourself dry and warm during a trekking tour


It is imperative that you bring the gear you need to keep dry as you frequently meet rain in Sapa while you are out in the elements during a trekking tour. Footwear is the first thing to bring with you. To navigate the uneven terrain, a pair of supportive hiking boots is a must-item. But it is not enough for these wet days. Rain boots are the best choice for a rainy day and a walking pole is useful when the road gets muddy. However, they are available for a reasonable price in the local markets, it is no need to drag a pair along in your suitcase. Moreover, as umbrellas are not practical for hiking, also bring either a poncho or raincoat in order to keep yourself dry on hikes.

Great trekking places in Sapa

Trekking in Muong Hoa Valley

Trekking in Muong Hoa Valley- source: internet

Among all easy trekking routes for travelers in Sapa, Ham Rong Mount Peak, Cat Cat Ethnic Village, Ta Phin Village and Muong Hoa Valley are what you should not miss.

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