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Huong River in Hue_The witness of History

Thien Mu Pagoda

Huong runs through Hue, Hue lies next to Huong. The relationship between these 2 places is intimate, no one is complete without the other, like Red River with Hanoi, Huangpu with Shang Hai, and Thames with London. It is understandable why many great civilizations are attached with many great rivers. It is simply because those rivers have help those cities connect to the world, which stimulates economy and cultures. Besides, they have not only acted as communication methods but also provided essential sediments enriching the soils in surrounding deltas, a valuable source for agricultural countries, especially in the past. In the case of Hue and Huong River, this city was chosen as a capital of Vietnam as it lies in the middle of the S-shaped country, which made it easy for the old authority to control The North and The South of Vietnam at that time. Tours on Indochina

Huong River

Huong River- source; internet

Because of its important role, Hue and Huong River has suffered many man made disasters. Visiting Hue today, you can only see the gate of the old Citadel. The main part of Vietnamese Forbidden City was destroyed by American bombs during Vietnam War in 1900s. Of course, Huong River also has seen many tragedies in history because of war, hatred, ambition and greed. They are the lessons which Vietnamese people have to learn and cannot forget. We understand deeply that in order to have a peaceful life today, our forefather had to sacrifice a lot, their lives, their personal dreams. As a result, the current and future generations have to remember and try to build our city, our country to become better, stronger and prettier.

The pain was left in both sides of the war. Many tourists come to Vietnam to understand more about that period, the last half of 20th century. Many of those have asked me to show them some historical places related to some famous battles. Some of them have invited me to tell them stories behind those physical objects. The activity which I like most and so do my foreigner friends is getting on a boat, running along the Huong River and talking about the past and the present. Vietnam tours guide

Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu Pagoda- source; internet

Here is the favorite story of most visitors. Going along Huong River, you can see many pagodas. But if you are on tight schedule, Thien Mu should be on the top of your visiting list. Thien Mu was built in 1600s, thanks to the vision of the first Nguyen Lord, Nguyen Hoang. Before his footsteps, these lands belonged to other nations, which was demolished by him and his followers. In order to unify the people in his new land, Nguyen Hoang spread Buddhism; and history proved that it was a wise step.

Few hundred years later, when United States helped The Vietnamese Southern Authority causing a war with The North of Vietnam, a monk from this temple came to Gia Dinh, Ho Chi Minh City nowadays. He burnt himself in front of many people, his burning image was one of the most shocking news in the world at that time. His great courage ignited a backlash against the war, and led to the American withdrawal. Up until now, looking back these photos or watching the video broadcasting many years ago still trigger a sense of pain in me and my friends. This reminds us that we have to live better, study harder, work smarter; so those sacrifices will be worthy in the end.

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