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How To Travel Hue From Hanoi

Travel Hue from Hanoi by Vietnam Airlines

Located on the beautiful bank of Huong River, Hue is Vietnamese former imperial capital. For history buffs, discovering fascinating cultures in Hue is on the top list of their travel plan. This city is described as a stunning demonstration of the power of the disappeared Vietnamese feudal empire with a complex of pagodas, tombs, and monuments that entice travelers coming from all over the world. Pelican cruise Halong bay

Discover imperial citadel in Hue

Discover imperial citadel in Hue- source: internet

Be in the central region of Vietnam, Hue is equally distant from both the North and South. So, how to travel Hue from Hanoi? Being about 700km south of Hanoi, travelers can travel by air, road or rail to approach here easily. Take a closer look at ways below and then choose the most suitable transport.

How to travel Hue by plane?

The international airport at Hue is Phu Bai (HUI) which is about 15km from the Hue city center and controls daily flights to and from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. But, some flights may be disrupted by bad weather (especially in Mid-October – Mid-December). Currently, three main airlines are flying to this airport, including Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific, and Vietjet. The average price ranges from 800.000 VND to 1.200.000 VND/one-way ticket.

Travel Hue from Hanoi by Vietnam Airlines

Travel Hue from Hanoi by Vietnam Airlines -source: internet

Normally, taxi fares from the airport to the city center is about 250.000VND – 300.000VND (a 30-minute-ride). Also, booking Hoi An Private Car’s service is quite comfortable and easy. The driver will pick travelers up and transfer to their hotel in Hue city center with a reasonable price without being charged more money.

  • Tips to book the ticket: The ideal tip is to book as soon as possible (about three months before your vacation). Or you can search for promotions from these airlines on the Internet (Jetstar and Vietjet always offer great promotions). Also, try to visit some booking websites as Baynhe or Traveloka to find a great deal for the flight to Hue.

How to travel Hue by bus?

Inside of an open bus

Inside of an open bus -source: internet

The bus is one of the cheapest and convenient ways to get to Hue, about 220.000VND – 260.000VND depending on each bus company. However, the travel time is quite long, about 10 – 12 hours. So, you should take a bus in Hanoi at 7 pm to arrive at Hue at 9 am the next morning in order to save a night in the hotel. The bus will come to An Hoa station which is about 4km northwest of Hue’s center. Here are two trustworthy tourist services that you should choose for your trip: centre Vietnam tours packages

  • Sinh Tourist: with two offices in Hue as 60 Nguyen Tri Phuong (phone number: +84 54 3848626) and 12 Hung Vuong (phone number: +84 54 3845022)
  • Kim Travel: Its station is at Queen Café 3, 8 Hung Vuong (phone number: +84 54 849327)

How to travel Hue by train?

Traveling from Hanoi to Hue by train is truly a pleasant way because Hue is an express stop on the major north-south train line between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The railway station is at the eastern end of Le Loi Road, about 15 minutes from the city center. With different prices for each seat ranging from 890.000VND to 1.300.000VND, travelers can choose any position that is suitable for their needs. Especially, it’s highly recommended that they should buy the ticket at the station to avoid paying more.

A nice view from the train to Hue from HanoiA nice view from the train to Hue from Hanoi

A nice view from the train to Hue from Hanoi -source: internet

With three principal means of transport for traveling Hue from Hanoi, it’s certainly that travelers can choose the best one to discover the most beautiful former capital in Vietnam. Search for information about the price and remember to buy the ticket as soon as possible to have a safe and happy trip.

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