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How to rent a car in Vietnam

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Currently, the number of companies, businesses, organizations and individuals with foreign citizenship who are living, studying and working in Vietnam is huge.  The disagreement language and don’t know where to find a reliable car rental address now is no longer your anxieties anymore because there were always companion to share the experience with you.
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rent a car

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However, when the car rental self drive for foreigners have some note as follows:

Check the tires, rearview mirror and accessories. If you don’t try your car, one day came to the newly discovered part of the damage will make you lose some time, even if the entire travel car.

Many cars were fined millions of dollars, or even locked car encountered traffic police check the registration, found expired,… Car insurance is an important document to check.

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It is also important to note that when a collision occurs the employer has to negotiate if there is an insurance car shell.

In Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City has dozens of rescue service units have private transport.

rent a car

rent a car- source: internet

Give car back

When returning the car, check the status of the car, closing the same number of kilometers the vehicle owner. In the case of car accidents and incidents to the house, should ask someone with knowledge of the car to avoid dueling consultants and demands compensation inadequate.

There are no standard regulations for hiring any cars that each place sublease to set its own regulations to ensure benefits for both sides.

Therefore, rented foreigners always have to be careful in the procedure. In addition, you also need to understand the basics and some experience to not be ‘gaffe’ when renting cars.

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