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How to get My Tho from Ho Chi Minh

My Tho

Sprawling along the bank of the northernmost branch of the Mekong River, My Tho is where travelers can take a sampan along the waterways, visit orchards and try some local famous food. Thanks to its proximity from Saigon, My Tho has become the most popular destination for day-trippers who are excited about catching a real taste of authentic mango cruise mekong delta.Between My Tho and Ho Chi Minh City, the driving distance by car is 73.37 km. Travel time will be around 40 minutes if you ride your car with an average speed of 112 kilometers/hour (70 miles/h).

Get to My Tho from Ho Chi Minh City

between Ho Chi Minh City and My Tho

between Ho Chi Minh City and My Tho- source: internet

There are a lot of daily buses daily from Mien Tay bus station in Ho Chi Minh City to My Tho. To travel from My Tho’s bus station, which is at No 33 Ho Van Nhanh Street, around four km outside town to the centre of town, it should cost VND 10,000 to VND 15,000 on a motorbike. To get a reasonable motorbike fare (15,000 VND) from the bus station into town, you will need to bargain hard.

Be aware that your motorbike taxi is likely to deliver you to Rang Dong II Hotel which is more than 2 km from the downtown area when you ask for a ride from the bus station to the city center. They are likely to have a business arrangement. Be up front with your motorbike driver about it to avoid this trap.

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Getting around

My Tho

My Tho- source: internet

Since My Tho is a rather small province, it is possible for you to walk to all of the points of interest – about a thirty minute walk from the riverbank, Vinh Trang Pagoda is the furthest out of town. Otherwise there are the occasional cyclos and xe oms. Look for Mr Nip, a cyclo driver who is excellent at speaking English and is a fountain of knowledge about My Tho).

There are occasional freighters leaving from the pier a couple of km west of My Tho, for the town of Tan Chau which is the closest town to Chau Doc on the Mekong River. This is the way to go if you want to travel to the Cambodian border by freighter. Ask around, bargain hard and pack a hammock as fares vary from 70,000D to 150,000D (for the same boat!)!

On the canal that runs by Trung Trac Street, there is a small ferry pier. From there you can catch boats to Unicorn, Tortoise and Dragon Islands.

Get out

Bus station in My Tho

Bus station in My Tho- source: internet

There is very little infrastructure in terms of normal booking agencies with reasonable prices as most tourists seem to arrive and leave with their Mekong Trip groups.

It may happen that you will spend much on all options out of the city (i.e. to Chau Doc: 40$). Get back to the Bus station (around 3 km out of town) from where, Futa Buslines and normal local busses operate, would be the best solution to that. Since buses can be crowded, booking ahead might be beneficial. However, you may meet difficulty booking online as people do not speak much English at the phone and the website is only available in Vietnamese.

So you can go there by Xe om (for VND 15.000)/ cab (for approx VND 50.000) one day earlier and book in advance or have a local person reserve a ticket for you on the phone. It is still cheaper than being overcharged. Of course, it is also possible for you to try to get one without booking ahead.

Mien Tay bus station

Mien Tay bus station- source: internet

Sample destinations and fares from My Tho bus station:

  • Ho Chi Minh City: Departing every 30 minutes from 10.a.m to 5.p.m for VND 35,000
  • Ben Tre: Departing every 30 minutes from 7.a.m to 8.p.m for VND 15,000
  • Can Tho: Departing every 60 minutes from 7.a.m to 8.p.m for VND 50,000

Note that depending on the amount of passengers, departure times can vary and sometimes, you have to wait for hours for your departure.

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