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How to get from Hue to Hanoi

Hue to Hanoi on a motorbike

Connected to the imperial Nguyen Dynasty, who based here and ruled from 1802 to 1945, the beautiful Hue City in central Vietnam (Thua Thien-Hue province), with lots of impressive beaches, historical monuments and gorgeous landscape, is an interesting stop of all travelers from all the world coming to Vietnam.  For more information, you can click: Best Indochina travel. Using a flight should be the best option to get from Hue to Hanoi, but for low-cost travelers, a sleeper train or bus ride is the best way.

Option 1: From Hue to Hanoi by bus (Direct Bus Ticket or Open Bus Ticket)

Bus from Hue to Hanoi

Bus from Hue to Hanoi- source: internet

Price: ranges from 249,000 VND – 365,000 VND ($11-$16) depending on quality of the bus and the bus company. There are 14 bus rides from Hue to Hanoi by 9 bus companies daily from 8 AM to 7.45 PM: Hung Thanh, The Sinh Tourist (Sinh Cafe), Hoang Long, Phuong Trang, Trekking, Danatranco, Camel Travel, Minh Map and An Phu (Hanoi). Danatranco is the most expensive brand and The Sinh Tourist is the cheapest one. It is advisable to choose new companies to enjoy the new and comfortable buses from Hue to Hanoi.

Travel Time: 12 – 14 hours

Pros: Cheapest and most convenient way to get from Hue to Hanoi. During the trip, you can relax (or try to relax if the bus driver plays loud Vietnamese music) on the bus. View along the route is not that bad.

Cons: As it seems like bus is the best choice for travelers, chances are, all the buses can get fully packed every time. During peak seasons, bus companies tend to ask for more. It is likely that almost drivers will play loud Vietnamese music for the whole duration of your trip. And in spite of the stunning view along the way, you cannot stop whenever you want to appreciate one place or take some nice photos.

Option 2: From Hue to Hanoi by motorbike

Hue to Hanoi on a motorbike

Hue to Hanoi on a motorbike- source: internet

Price: ranges from VND 4,450,000  to VND 5,550,000 ($193 – $241). The wisest way to do is buying your own bike and selling it before leaving the country. However, the sold price is slightly cheaper than that when you buy it. Motorbike rentals are pretty expensive.

Travel Time: Depends on your health, the length of your break and how many times you stop for photo opportunities. You can see more: Travel to Vietnam 

Pros: On your motorbike trip, you are your own master! Decisions on when to go, where to stop and how long it will take solely depend on you and only you. Also, these interesting and beautiful cities and towns from Hue to Hanoi are well worth your stops. Paying a short visit to them is a perfect idea. This option is the preferable choice of most backpackers who are confident with their driving skills.

Cons: Prone to an accident. If you cannot drive well in your own country, driving a motorbike from Hue to Hanoi is not advisable. Vietnamese drivers are both the worst and the best ones in Southeast Asia. Not required but a little mechanical skill is to make sure you can get to the closet town in case your bike breaks down in the middle of the road.

Option 3: From Hue to Hanoi by train

Train from Hue to Hanoi

Train from Hue to Hanoi- source internet

  • Hard Seat (without AC): 400, 000 VND ($3)
  • Hard Seat (with AC): 460,000 VND ($20)
  • Soft Seat (with AC): 600,000 VND ($26)
  • Hard bunk bed: 1,000,000 ($43)
  • Soft bunk bed: 1,200,000 ($52)

Note that: The cost for a night trip is slightly higher, additional fee of $2.

Travel Time: 12-14 hours

Pros: Allowing travelers to truly appreciate places in Vietnam thanks to the incredible view of the countryside it offers, traveling by train is believed to be the most traditional and interesting way to travel from Hue to Hanoi. And this option gives you a higher tendency to encounter and interact with Vietnamese locals during your whole trip.

Cons: As most Vietnamese travel prefer this option, train can be a little crowded. It will leave you to the last option, hard seat as most of the time, soft seats and beds have been already booked few weeks or months in advance.

Option 4: From Hanoi to Hue by Plane

Flight from Hue to Hanoi

Flight from Hue to Hanoi- source: internet

 Prices: ranges from $25 – $120 depending on the season and the seat class.

Travel Time: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Pros: The fastest and the most convenient way to get from Hue to Hanoi.

Cons: The most expensive option with additional charges for getting to the airport in Hue and then getting to the city center in Hanoi. You can take taxi from Hue city center to Phu Bai Airport for 120,000-150,000 VND and from Noi Bai Domestic Airport to Hanoi center for 250,000VND.

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