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Highlight of Vietnam_12 colorful flower seasons

Cherry blossom
Like many other women, I love the beauty and of course, I love flower. If Bulgaria is proud of its rose, Japan takes pride in its cherry blossom, Holland is a mother land of tulip, Laos loves champa; Vietnam shares its heart to thousand kinds of flowers. As mentioned above, thanks to the special geographical conditions, Vietnam has almost all kinds of climates, from the damp hot tropical regions to the dry cold temperate areas. As a result, the plant world has exploded in this S-shaped country, leading to the flourishing evolution of flower kinds. Travel Vietnam and Indochina

January is the first month of the year. It marks the beginning of a prosperous and happy time, so cherry blossom and mickey-mouse plant are the most popular ones. Its bright color brings the hope and happiness to the buyers, so Vietnamese people have fell in love with them for hundred years.

Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom- source: internet

Different from its relative in China or Japan, cherry blossom in Vietnam is mostly grown in gardens or pots. Originally, it was found in mountainous areas near the old capital, Hanoi nowadays. In order to serve the emperor and many noble houses, it was brought to the delta. The land lying next to West Lake used to be the cherish blossom village, its fame has spread over the country. Poorly, with the urban sprawl, the authority has to take up the land to build new city infrastructure such as new lane, new bridge. The bridge is named after the village, Nhat Tan. Now, it has become one of the most significant landmark of the capital. north vietnam travel tours

While Cherry blossom earns popularity in the North, mickey-mouse plant is dominant in the South. It is said that when Nguyen Lord travelled to the South, he also brought some cherry blossom with him. However, due to the significant difference in the climate between two parts of the country, the cherry blossom could not survive. His followers found the mickey-mouse plant with shining yellow color and similar petal shapes. Immediately, this plant has been cherished and chosen to represent the most important holiday of Vietnamese culture in the South.

Mickey_mouse plant

Mickey_mouse plant- source: internet


February is the time I love to stay in Hanoi the most, as it is the season of Hoa sua. It is not the famous one in autumn with distinctive perfume, it is the elegant white flower. Specifically, to differentiate these trees, you can find in their pronunciation. The autumn one is pronounced with the higher voice, the spring one is spoken with lower tone. This petal is so fragile, it seems to me that with just a slightly stronger touch, it can be damaged.

When talking about the beauty of Hoa Sua, we cannot forget its bright green leaves. Especially after some drops of rain, the tree itself is a perfect natural picture, a wonderful work of nature with the white of flower, the green of tree combining perfectly with the bright dark brown of the bark. Many people adore this beautiful color mixture as it triggers a sense of hope and optimism. To me, Hoa Sua is gentle and lively at the same time.

When February comes, you can walk through some famous streets in Hanoi and enjoy some drizzle of Hoa Sua petals, which is so romantic and picturesque.  I remember seeing some high school girls walking under these trees when the breeze ripples the leaves, making a peaceful sound. The early morning sunshine beamed through the green leaves, left some light spots on the pavements. Everything is so serene and memorable. I really miss those days!

Elegant Hoa Sưa

Elegant Hoa Sưa- source: internet

Anyway, to deeply understand the beauty of those flowers, you should experience in person. Travelling to Vietnam will give you the perfect chance to enjoy these bright flowers. There will be more article continuing this topic, so please look forward! 10 months with many special and pretty flowers are waiting for you to discover.

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