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How to get to Cu Chi Tunnels

Bus in Ho Chi Minh city,
Cu Chi tunnels also known as “Iron Land of Vietnam” is the 250-km- underground network constructed in 1947, serving as a secret hiding place for local people and supplying weapons, facilities, field hospitals and traps in Vietnam-American/French war. With the unique construction and technique, Cu Chi tunnels were firmly standing against bombings during the war and today, the system has become an appealing tourist attraction arresting a huge number of visitors. You can see more: ho chi minh city to phnom penh by boat
Situated around 70km away from Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi tunnels is conveniently reached by using taxi, motorbike or bus depending on different tastes. Traveling by bus is known to be the cheapest way, but a motorbike is much more prevalent due to its practical character and also tourists driving motorbikes can stop by some stunning spots on their way.

Bus in Ho Chi Minh city,

Bus in Ho Chi Minh city- source: internet

Taking a bus to Cu Chi tunnels is obviously the cheapest way that you can take into consideration. If you choose to get there by public transportation, then take the bus number 13 in Ben Thanh bus station to Cu Chi tunnels. The next bus you have to catch is bus number 79 in order to reach the tunnels. If you have no clue where to get off, feel free to ask the bus driver or his assistant. However, here is the thing, taking a bus in HCM city is a bit different from other cities that you should take note of. Unlike Hanoi or several other cities in Vietnam, the bus in HCM city doesn’t often stop at the right bus stop as it should be following the bus route. In the other hand, you must stand at the bus stop and wave it until it pulls over. Once you don’t wave it, the driver will not stop at all. That’s a bit annoying but it is true in HCM city so please keep that in mind. One more thing about HCM’s bus is that not all the buses are equipped with speakers to inform passengers where to get off, therefore, stay up awake or have someone to tell you the location you want to stop at. Vietnam tours packages

The alternative is a taxi which is the most convenient and easiest one when you don’t want to experience how public transports are packed with people. All you have to do is to hop on the cab and tell the taxi driver that you want to go to Cu Chi tunnels. It will take you about half an hour to approach the tunnels.

The welcoming gate of Cu Chi tunnels

The welcoming gate of Cu Chi tunnels -source: internet

And if you are a challenge taker, get yourself a motorbike and drive to Cu Chi tunnels on your own. It can be a bit complicated, particularly it is your first time so don’t forget to prepare a paper map, online map or ask local people on the way there. You can start from Ben Thanh market, following the Highway number 22. Once you access Cu Chi area, turn to Nguyen Thi Rach street and go straight forward until you approach the tunnels. Or else, if you start from Hoc Mon market, drive along Trung Nu Vuong street until you reach the crossroad named Tan Quy. Continue driving straight for about 15 km more and the tunnels will be in front of you.

Here are some tips for your trip to Cu Chi tunnels. If you can afford a taxi then go for it. You will not have to worry about getting lost or packing yourself on the bus. While public transport is the cheapest choice, you should be certain and aware of the way leading to the tunnels. At the end of the day, motorbike remains the most flexible transport that you should think of. Besides the chance that you can stop at any fabulous places you want or try out any local food you like, you can also literally get to experience the traffic in HCM city which promises you unforgettable memories. You can hire a motorbike for about 100.000vnd a day or beyond depending on which kind of motorbike you want to hire.

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