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Explore Hanoi one day by your way

Don’t forget to try West lake’s ice cream
After filling up your hunger, let’s walk around this beautiful city. One of the most beautiful places in Hanoi you should visit is West Lake. Not only famous for the old twisted trees, beautiful pagoda which attract both the locals and foreigners, but this lake is a real foody heaven. In 6 years living here, I can not remember exactly how much ice cream I ate. Maybe you don’t know that coconut ice cream in West Lake is too famous, right? A lot of ice cream bars has opened in few years but West Lake ice cream has been in since 1956 and until now, they still do traditional Vietnamese ice cream and haven’t changed the recipe at all. Even in the cold weather of the winter, you can easily see a lot of young people having an ice cream and sitting near to lake. This image has become as a familiar thing when people mentioning about West Lake. vietnam tours packages

Don’t forget to try West lake’s ice cream

Don’t forget to try West lake’s ice cream- source: internet

The most interesting thing in Hanoi is no matter all the time, you can buy a lot of delicious snacks from a friendly lady with her bicycle along the street. It could be peanuts, dried fish or dried meat. Look for a seat on the pavement for yourself, enjoy a cup of tea, you have a chance to get closer to the real life. This imagine also reminds you of the pure and simple joy.

The familiar image in Hanoi

The familiar image in Hanoi- source: internet

You can see the fully noise at 24 hours. No matter what time of the day, somebody is frying chopping or serving some kind of dishes. Make some beautiful people, taste some delicious food is the really impressive memories if you have a chance to visit Hanoi. Don’t hesitate to take a street food tour with us- Indochina Voyages to understand deeply about the street food culture here.

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