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What to expect about Hanoi Walking Tours

Hanoi walking tour

Hanoi’s Old Quarter on foot is the best way to really experience this tourist site. From the hidden beauty of Hanoi capital, which is all about unlocking the secrets of this city to the best street eats from markets, food carts, street cafes and Hanoi’s cityscape, local legends, local life, religion, everything is waiting for you at Hanoi walking tours. Travel to Hanoi with: Vietnam travel tours


Hanoi walking tour

Hanoi walking tour- source: internet

  • Topics: Vietnamese Buddhism, French colonialism, the diversity of Hanoi’s twentieth-century architecture.

The hidden beauty of Hanoi capital city is all about unlocking the secrets of this city, and this French Quarter Tour is no exception.

Packed with buildings from different eras in the city’s history, Hanoi’s French quarter, the grid of streets south of Hoan Kiem Lake, is outstanding amongst these capital cities in Southeast Asia. Besides classical European architecture as its name suggests; it also features a fusion between Asian and French style architecture; international modernist architecture (avant-garde Art Deco residences) as well as ancient pagodas. All of these styles are tangible signs of the ideological shifts, which have made an influence on Vietnamese culture for centuries. Much more than just mortar and bricks, they are monuments to the vision of Vietnamese, Soviet and French architects and thinkers. cruise mekong river


Are you ready for an amazing street food adventure? Let’s your local guides take you through the markets where they buy their groceries and to the places locals eat.

  • Topics: How to spot the freshest and tastiest local dishes, Hanoian cuisine and the social importance of food.

Option 1: Breakfast (Pho, Banh Cuon, etc.)

Enjoy breakfast like Hanoians do

Enjoy breakfast like Hanoians do- source: internet

Skip one breakfast at your hotel, do like Hanoians do and join your food expert for breakfast on the street. This tour will show you the best place for Pho, Banh cuon – steamed rice pancakes and local coffee with homemade yogurt together with some must-visit markets. It is also a stunning way to see the local life in Hanoi.

Option 2: Lunch (Bun Cha, fresh spring rolls, papaya salad, etc)

You may start with barbecued pork with fresh noodle serve with fried spring rolls and fresh herbs, green papaya salad, fresh spring rolls called Bun Cha – one of the most favorite Hanoian specialty at one of the best Bun Cha places in town and che desert. Then, let’s take a short walk to pass some more tempting food stands on the way to get to Cho Hom market off Pho Hue Street. With its colorful arrays of vegetables, fruit, meats, sweets and elaborate temple offerings, it is one of the largest markets in Hanoi. Don’t forget to make a stop to try papaya salad and some fresh spring rolls before finishing off with a refreshing bowl/glass of a sweet snack – che prepared to your own taste.

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