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Discover the spirit of the South of Vietnam in 7 days

A tourist is experiencing the Cu Chi systems
The South of Vietnam still remains a vibrant destination luring travelers to explore amazing sceneries, multicultural custom, long lasting history and delicate cuisine. Spending a week discovering this part of the country will not let you down. We will escort you from bustling Ho Chi Minh City, immerse in the romance of Da Lat, and charming of Mekong Delta.Let’s start our journey!

The Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral

Ho Chi Minh City, or formerly known as Saigon is the best worth living city of Vietnam. Take some time and explore the dynamic, exciting and hustling city should definitely be on your traveling bucket list. Besides several tourist traps such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, Ben Thanh market, former Presidential Palace, and the Old Saigon Post Office, you are suggested to pay a visit to Nguyen Hue Street, Pham Ngu Lao Street, especially at night time and drifting along Sai Gon River on a cruise while enjoying dinner and listening to folk music. Saigon by night is the best thing that you can experience on your trip. It is regarded as the no-sleeping city that you will find it crowded and dynamic 24/7 with the offering of thousands of activities, street food stalls that are available along the pavement the whole time and just simply contemplating bright, sparkling huge skyscrapers at night time. After spending a great time in Ho Chi Minh City, please get ready for the trekking to Cu Chi Tunnels.

A tourist is experiencing the Cu Chi systems

A tourist is experiencing the Cu Chi systems- source: internet

Only about 47 km away from Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels is a favorite spot that is favored by the majority of tourists when they come to the South of Vietnam. Cu Chi Tunnels can be reached by any kind of transportation such as taxi, cars, bus or motorbike. However, the motorbike will be the best option of all because it facilitates you to discover the area on the way to the final destination. You can stop by any fabulous spots and relax as you want to. Basically, Cu Chi Tunnels are a Vietcong stronghold and an extensive tunnel system in the middle of the jungle. The underground systems is a three-layer deep that is not only used to hide but also the storage for weapons, food and taking place every single daily life activities of soldiers and local people at that time. The tunnels are 200 km in length that after being explored, tourists can have a chance to watch document film about what happened in the past in this location. Travelers are welcomed to take part in crawling along the systems and learn about Vietnamese people’s lives in the war. Besides, tourists can wander around the surroundings and villages and experience local food.

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Floating market in Mekong Delta

Floating market in Mekong Delta- source: internet

After spending some time to explore Vietnamese’s history in Cu Chi. Now it’s about time to relax on boats. Nothing is more relieving than leisurely boating ride down the Mekong River while visiting rice plantations, pagodas, and floating markets—a sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City. A cruise traveling along Mekong Delta will provide you a good chance to both learn about the area and also have a blast. The boat will stop by some traditional villages on the way for tourists to explore and experience these local products. At the same times, it can pass through several small islets for a lunch break and then continue to discover local residents’ life. The most interesting part is to join the floating market which daily held from early morning. Visitors can purchase any type of products at this special market from food, household items, clothes, etc. It is amazing that you can even have a warm bowl of Pho on the boat while still contemplate the beautiful scenery on two sides.

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Lam Vien square in Da Lat

Lam Vien square in Da Lat

Say goodbye to rivers and lakes, let’s head to a plateau to breath in the most refreshing type of atmosphere of Da Lat- the city of flowers. This place is endowed with moderate weather all year round that make it the priority destination in the South of Vietnam. Da Lat features many interesting landmarks. Visitors can spot a number of well-preserved French villas and chalets in the French Quarter located not far from the city center. It is also easy to catch sight of the flora and fauna of the pine forests and jungles at any corner of Da Lat. You can spend daytime to do trekking around Da Lat and night time at the night market with a diversity of cuisine which is cheap but delicate. Da Lat night market is also a great place for tourists to purchase some cute clothing items and souvenirs, specialties for friends and family. And guess what, strawberries are the signature of Da Lat, so don’t forget to buy some box of fresh strawberries back home. The interesting thing that you can do here is to ask for permission of local people to visit their strawberry farms and pick up the freshest and most beautiful strawberries to bring home. It’s super fun.

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