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How to catch cheap taxi in Ninh Binh

The beauty of Ninh Binh’s nature

Located about 85 km from Hanoi capital city, Ninh Binh which is a good base to discover the beauty of Vietnam’s beauty is one of the best stops for those who are traveling from the north to the south of Vietnam. To get more information, you can click: Indochina travel No matter how you get

How to get to Mai Chau

Impressive scenery to admire

With serene idyllic beauty, Mai Chau – a 140-km ride from Hanoi capital city, is such an ideal respite from the stressful atmosphere of this busy city.  A stay at bamboo stilt house, trekking opportunities, a chance to meet ethnic minority groups make Mai Chau a place to visit Travel in Vietnam. Travel to Mai

How to get from Hue to Hanoi

Hue to Hanoi on a motorbike

Connected to the imperial Nguyen Dynasty, who based here and ruled from 1802 to 1945, the beautiful Hue City in central Vietnam (Thua Thien-Hue province), with lots of impressive beaches, historical monuments and gorgeous landscape, is an interesting stop of all travelers from all the world coming to Vietnam.  For more information, you can click:

Taking a train in Vietnam

Regular train in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that has developed the railroad system for a long period of time. Previously, when airplane was still not popular for people, traveling by train was an ideal means of transport with its safety and affordable price. Nowadays, although traveling on airplane becomes common, train is still a transportation that people like.

Tips for driving in Saigon

Traffic in Saigon

The best way to travel Saigon is motorbike. It is easy to catch a taxi or the taxi around, it’s even cooler to drive yourself. Fortunately, if you want to walk around Pham Ngu Lao street, you can find a shop that will rent a bike, but stores seldom give you instructions on how to drive vehicles.

How to rent a car in Vietnam

rent a car

Currently, the number of companies, businesses, organizations and individuals with foreign citizenship who are living, studying and working in Vietnam is huge.  The disagreement language and don’t know where to find a reliable car rental address now is no longer your anxieties anymore because there were always companion to share the experience with you. If

Train from Hue to Hanoi

Hue Citadel- one of the most famous destinations in Hue

Being located in the Indochinese Peninsula, Vietnam has become an attractive destination for tourists. Coming here, you will have chance to explore hidden charm in this nation with many beautiful places of interest, romantic natural landscapes, valuable relics of history and so on. The followings are some constructions for you when traveling from Hue to

From Hue to Hanoi

Inside a cabin

Hanoi capital city, with friendly locals, long-term culture, exciting atmosphere and exquisite cuisine seems a must-visit destination on schedule of all travelers. However, for those who want to get escape from the hustle and bustle of this busy city, then, Hue City with its slow-paced atmosphere, romantic sceneries is a place to visit. But the

Vietnam by seaplane and train

Hai Au Aviation

Even though, travelling is now becoming much easier than ever before: all you need is fare for a taxi or a plane ticket, in that, where is the fun? For anyone who really wants to try travelling in a completely unique and exciting way to tour seducing Vietnam, don’t hesitate to experience seaplane in Halong

Cheap flights from Danang to Hanoi

Flight from Danang to Hanoi

Not only to domestic tourists, Hanoi capital city, is also a favorite destination to international travelers. Let’s research well on how to book cheap flights from Danang to get the safe flights at reasonable price if you and your family want to visit Hanoi from Danang. Indochina travel Laos Information about the flights to Hanoi