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How to get to Mai Chau

Impressive scenery to admire

With serene idyllic beauty, Mai Chau – a 140-km ride from Hanoi capital city, is such an ideal respite from the stressful atmosphere of this busy city.  A stay at bamboo stilt house, trekking opportunities, a chance to meet ethnic minority groups make Mai Chau a place to visit Travel in Vietnam. Travel to Mai

How to rent a motorbike in Hanoi?

Let’s enjoy exciting motorbike tour in Hanoi

It is certain that you are not surprised to know that motorbikes are the most common means of transport in Vietnam, and it is in Hanoi that you can see the epitome of this love affair with these two wheel vehicles. For many travelers, the best way to see the country is a drive from

Tips for driving in Saigon

Traffic in Saigon

The best way to travel Saigon is motorbike. It is easy to catch a taxi or the taxi around, it’s even cooler to drive yourself. Fortunately, if you want to walk around Pham Ngu Lao street, you can find a shop that will rent a bike, but stores seldom give you instructions on how to drive vehicles.

Driving in Vietnam

Driving in Vietnam

To drive a motorcycle in Vietnam must have a drivers license, the minimum age for licensure is 18. When driving a motorcycle must wear a helmet (although the Vietnamese regulations regarding safety standards are much lower than in Europe), you can not exceed 40km / h in town (not enough, but standing on a bike