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How to rent a car in Hanoi

It is recommended to rent car with driver

Being the the capital of Vietnam since the 11th century dazzles travelers with its peaceful lakes, tree-lined boulevards, unique blend of oriental lifestyle and French colonial architecture.Travelers can rent car for their sort business trips such as special events, opening ceremony, Marketing research, Road show, business meetings and exhibition fair or just visit your customer,

How to travel from Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh City

5-star train from Nha Trang to Saigon

Airplane, bus and train are means of transport to go to Nha Trang from Saigon. Please take notice that during the peak time of summer holiday, any forms of transportation from Nha Trang to Saigon are likely to be very busy and prices would be higher than usual. Holidays Indochina Train from Nha Trang to

How to rent a car in Hanoi

Car rental service with driver in Hanoi

When you want to visit any places that you like or is inaccessible to public vehicles, car rental is a great alternative. When exploring destinations with various attractions, which are distant from each other such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Dalat, and especially Hanoi, this is also a pleasing choice. Flexibility, convenience and independence

How to rent a car in Vietnam

rent a car

Currently, the number of companies, businesses, organizations and individuals with foreign citizenship who are living, studying and working in Vietnam is huge.  The disagreement language and don’t know where to find a reliable car rental address now is no longer your anxieties anymore because there were always companion to share the experience with you. If

Rent a car in Hagiang

Tourism in Hagiang

Currently demand for travel by car, increasing tourism, but many people do not want to depend on public transport so car rental services at hagiang tourism is an appropriate and convenient method equipped to meet the needs of many passengers. To have the means like, before you hire passenger car note: You read more: jahan cruise mekong

How to get My Tho from Ho Chi Minh

My Tho

Sprawling along the bank of the northernmost branch of the Mekong River, My Tho is where travelers can take a sampan along the waterways, visit orchards and try some local famous food. Thanks to its proximity from Saigon, My Tho has become the most popular destination for day-trippers who are excited about catching a real

How to rent a car in Vietnam?

Van rental in Vietnam

With your passport and driving license, you will meet no difficulty renting a car in Vietnam. It is quite easy in Vietnam to rent a car. It is not exaggerating to say that the process is quite simple. If you do not have a Vietnamese driving license, car rental agencies in Vietnam will often ask

How To Travel Hue From Hanoi

Travel Hue from Hanoi by Vietnam Airlines

Located on the beautiful bank of Huong River, Hue is Vietnamese former imperial capital. For history buffs, discovering fascinating cultures in Hue is on the top list of their travel plan. This city is described as a stunning demonstration of the power of the disappeared Vietnamese feudal empire with a complex of pagodas, tombs, and