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Explore some night market in Vietnam

Halong Night Market

Open 24 hours a day with the busiest time from 11.00 PM until early morning of the next day, Quang Ba night flower market on Nghi Tam is the biggest flower market in the capital city and one of the most favorite destinations for a nighttime stroll among Hanoians. The colorful flowers sold here are

How to catch cheap taxi in Ninh Binh

The beauty of Ninh Binh’s nature

Located about 85 km from Hanoi capital city, Ninh Binh which is a good base to discover the beauty of Vietnam’s beauty is one of the best stops for those who are traveling from the north to the south of Vietnam. To get more information, you can click: Indochina travel No matter how you get

Sandy beach resort in Danang – Best place for your stay

Sandy beach resort - the best place for your stay in Danang

Not only the natural beauty of long sandy beaches and fresh air of Danang but also the services, facilities and leisure of your resort give you complete relaxation in an unforgettable holiday. Travel to Danang with: Tours to Indochina Just 15 km from Danang International Airport, 110 km from Hue City, 18 km from Hoi

How to get to Mai Chau

Impressive scenery to admire

With serene idyllic beauty, Mai Chau – a 140-km ride from Hanoi capital city, is such an ideal respite from the stressful atmosphere of this busy city.  A stay at bamboo stilt house, trekking opportunities, a chance to meet ethnic minority groups make Mai Chau a place to visit Travel in Vietnam. Travel to Mai

Top night markets to visit in Vietnam – Part 3

Tay Do Night Market

Colorful and exciting like other night markets in other destinations in the Northern, Mountainous Far North and Central Vietnam, night markets in the Southern Vietnam still have their own specialties and features making them must visit places whenever you have a chance to visit Vietnam when you visit Indochina travel and tours Tay Do Market,

Vespa adventure in Saigon

The Notre Dame Cathedral, Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City (or formerly known as Saigon) is always considered to be a great city to settle down. When it comes to visiting the city, there is an excessive number of things waiting for tourists to discover. Nothing is better than sitting behind a tour guide, on a Vespa and reach to the

Highlight of Vietnam_12 colorful flower seasons

Cherry blossom

Like many other women, I love the beauty and of course, I love flower. If Bulgaria is proud of its rose, Japan takes pride in its cherry blossom, Holland is a mother land of tulip, Laos loves champa; Vietnam shares its heart to thousand kinds of flowers. As mentioned above, thanks to the special geographical

How to get to Cu Chi Tunnels

Bus in Ho Chi Minh city,

Cu Chi tunnels also known as “Iron Land of Vietnam” is the 250-km- underground network constructed in 1947, serving as a secret hiding place for local people and supplying weapons, facilities, field hospitals and traps in Vietnam-American/French war. With the unique construction and technique, Cu Chi tunnels were firmly standing against bombings during the war

Must-items for Sapa trekking trip

Trekking in Muong Hoa Valley

The charming town of Sapa is famous not only for its impressive natural scenery, nice weather all year round and friendly locals but also for easy trekking routes. To enjoy trekking, which is one of the most interesting activities in Sapa, you are advised to be well-prepared before beginning your journey. North Vietnam travel tours

Tips to go to Sapa markets

Sin Cheng Market

With fresh produce and hill-tribe people from surrounding villages visiting most days to sell handicrafts, Sapa Markets are still a hive of colorful outdoor activities. Sapa people consider markets as these gathering places, where they come to buy and sell any kinds of goods, meet and make friend. To get more information, you can click: