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Benefits of buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang

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Many people have mentioned the attractiveness of this wonderful kind of plant, buckwheat flower in Ha Giang, so this article will not put more colors on the perfect drawn picture. Instead, today, we will introduce to you many advantages of this flower and plant.

  1. The first benefit – The legendary saver
The first benefit - The legendary saver

The first benefit – The legendary saver- source: internet

A legend

H’mong people who live in this region discovered the great benefit of this plant accident. The story started with a tragedy. That year, because of natural catastrophe, all crops were destroyed. Almost all of the villagers, except the rich had to face starvation. One day, a pension wondered in the forest to look for food for his family members. Suddenly, he was attracted by a sweet fragrant. That pleasant smell led him to a valley of triangular flowers. Somehow, the fortunate peasant found out that flower’s seed, which looked similar to wheat. He thought perhaps that could be eaten, and God smiled on him. Being thrilled by this fantastic discovery, he called not only his family but also all villagers. Since that day, that beautiful flower has been planted all over the region, and it is also one of the essential grains providing food for people living there.

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Significant food source

Speaking of food, buckwheat flour has many disadvantages over other similar kinds such as rice and wheat. Firstly, this plant can grow in dry places such as highland and mountainous areas. It does neither require a large amount of water nor intensive care, so it significantly helps alleviate food security problems in these areas. Secondly, regarding its nutrition facts, this food contains a higher amount of many necessary vitamins and minerals compared to white flour. Many recent studies have proven that just a quarter of buckwheat flour cup can provide 18% of the daily value (DV) of magnesium, 14% of DV of Phosphorus, 26% of DV of Manganese, 17% of DV of Copper and roughly 10% of DV of Iron. They are all essential compounds for a human body. For example, copper and iron are good for blood formation, manganese can control blood sugar; magnesium and phosphorus are able to strengthen bone and teeth.

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In short, this kind of plant is a great source of food, although recently its cultivation has decreased dramatically due to the adoption of nitrogen fertilizer. However, it is still used as a cover crop in many parts of the world, including Ha Giang, Vietnam. In some places, it even becomes the symbol of a region.

  1. The second benefit- The modest beauty

hoa tam giac mach

Triangular flower -Tourist attraction

There will be a great mistake if the attractiveness of triangular flower is not mentioned. Every October, numerous local and international visitors travel to Ha Giang to enjoy the light pink blanket of this plant. Though it does not possess the beauty of Queen, it has an unforgettable allure of the girl next door. That is a reason why this tiny flower can get a lot of attention of many people from all over the world. Nowadays, it has become the symbol of Ha Giang. This province even holds an annual festival to celebrate its modest beauty.

Triangular flower – As love is my witness (Westlife)

In addition, many tourists bring some bunches of flowers to home as some meaningful and pleasant presents to family members and friends. This flower is believed to be representatives of sincere love and longevity. Undoubtedly, people love this plant and want to attach their significant life events to it. Many couples even travel to that land with a whole skip to take an amazing album. They look so genuine and happy, hope that their marriage could be as beautiful as the flower they choose.

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Memorable gift

Not only flower but other products made from this plant earn popularity as well.  I used to receive some interesting gifts from my students who visited that land. Those gifts all involve buckwheat plants like buckwheat flour, flower and even seed.

If you have chance to go to Ha Giang, perhaps purchasing some of these specialties and traditional products can add some spices in your trip. And perhaps, sometimes, in your daily meals, you can use buckwheat flour instead of ordinary white one. It can be a perfect change which makes your life more colorful and healthy. This wheat can be an ingredient to make pancake, bread and even porridge. I bet that your family member will tuck in your new dishes using buckwheat flour, your children might spend hours making art and craft with buckwheat plant. Life suddenly becomes so sweet and serene. If in 2018, you plan to set foot on this amazing S-shaped country; please do not skip the chance to visit Ha Giang, this wonderful land, especially in October. That is the season of triangular flower, the modest beauty.

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